Womens Wide Calf Riding Boots

Equestrian is a sport for sophisticated woman and this kind of sporting event does not only require skills, but will also require style. Women horse riders are not only concern about getting their horse to obey their commands, but they also need the right kind of apparel that will help their performance. A woman who wants to enter this kind of field cannot simply ride a horse without wearing the right apparel for this type of sport. In order for one to excel in this kind of sport, they need to wear perfect riding footwear. It is important to take a look at the qualities that you need to look for an equestrian boots. The following are helpful solutions for you.

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The heights- as you all know typical boots is longer. Wide calf riding boots are traditionally made to be tall. This is to cover the rider’s leg below the knee. This is to add some extra protection, because the rider’s leg hits against the horse side during the entire ride. You may also encounter a shorter boots called “paddock boots”. This kind of apparel is only use for a leisure riding or everyday riding. If you are training for equestrian to compete, there is a need for you to acquire tall equestrian boots.

Wide Calf Riding Boots

The style- if you are an equestrian, you do not have to sacrifice your style, because there are many stylish wide equestrian boots in the market today. This is for not only fancy and show off, this also serve a particular purpose. It is better to choose the apparel depending on the event. If you are a field rider that that practices jumping disciplines, boots with laces will match the game that you play. For dressage event, it is better to wear stiffer laces.

The size- if you are an equestrian choosing the right size is not as simple as getting the regular size. Your game will surely be affected if you fail to use your legs and feet properly. It is important for this kind of game to wear appropriate clothes like breeches and tall boot socks. When choosing wide eqestrian boots for an event, you need to try both before buying them. The store should have an easy to on as well as slip off tools.

Additional details- more and more horse riding accessories are available in the market especially for women. Aside from traditional accessories, modern equestrian riding boots for women today also have zip-up backs. This kind of additional details is useful, but nit necessary. There are people who still prefer boots that is basic.

If you feel better and look better with your equestrian boots, it can give you an added confidence that can help you at the time of your game. You will achieve better result if you will choose your boots accordingly to what you need. Do not only choose apparel that is comfortable, but also choose wide calf boots that will make you look better for the rest of the game.