Lucchese Boots

Sam Lucchese Sr. first came to the United States in 1880. He brought his brothers along with him, and also his everlasting fascination for boots. In 1883, the Lucchese boots store was opened in San Antonio, Texas. The founders of Lucchese boots were committed to their craft and soon became famous for this. The makers of Lucchese cowboy boots took it upon themselves to manufacture boots that fitted better than any of the other boots, available in the market and they have lived up to this promise, ever since. They have a history of showing technical advancement which was unheard of in the industry. Royalty, business tycoons, and common people alike, have loved Lucchese boots, through out the ages.

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Made to fit the human foot to perfection, the Lucchese cowboy boots offers the best quality of leather and exclusive designs. There home grown technology of “twisted cone last” has become a fine art and greatly contributes to the comfort factor, while wearing the boots. The comfort of the popular boot brand is what sets these boots apart, from everything else. Some of the manufacturing steps, till date, are done by hand which ensures the quality. This is the reason behind Luchese maintaining the standard of their footwear, over the ages. Every step of manufacturing a Lucchese boot is done with lot of care. The meticulousness followed by the production line is the reason behind the high quality and standard maintained by these western boots.

Luchese boots are available in many shapes and styles. The price depends upon the quality of leather and the workmanship involved. Everyone, starting from cowboys to corporate honchos, prefers the classy Luchesse. This premium brand of western boots has appealed to millions worldwide, over the ages. No matter how fashionable you are, Lucchese boot will not disappoint you. The boot comes in trendy as well as classic styles. The vintage look can never end you in a fashion faux pas. What makes this line of Luchesse boots unique is that it has remained abreast with the ever changing fashion trends, thereby appealing to people from all walks of life.

Lucchese boots brought about the Technically Advanced Comfort Construction (TACC), which revolutionized the way boots are styled. Luchesse makes its boots from some of the finest leather, found in the world, some exotic as well. The Charlie One Horse style is one of Luchese signature styles. It is wearable and chic, and brings the old Wild Western into your wardrobe. The newer versions are trendy, chic, and sporty. Some of them accessorize with laces, motifs and crystals, making them look really beautiful.

The Luchesse boots line has never been about the price. It is always about the quality. Do not get concerned about the price. Money is but a small price to pay when you know that you are buying the best the market has to offer. Not only do they spell glamour and style, but it also is a vintage line of footwear.

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