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The cowboy boots are a particular type of riding boots. They were previously used by the cowboys. The traditional cowboy boots are the ones with high heel, pointed toes and without laces. They are generally made out of cow skin. But the top brands are now-a-days manufacturing interesting looking western boots from the exclusive and expensive leather of ostrich, alligator, snake, lizard, buffalo and many other animals according to the customer’s preferences of color and texture. The branded styles are prepared maintaining the strict standard of quality and every part of the boot is checked cautiously in order to make sure that the finished product meets the expectation of the customer.

 Western boots-type of cowboy boots

Among the various styles of cowboy boots the western boots are the most popular one. This is the classic design which the conservative cowboy boot lovers prefer. The distinctive feature of the western boots is a tall shaft and a conventional heel that is the specialty of all sorts of cowboy boots. Another option that is generally showed in these cowboy boots is the somewhat small walking heel. You can look forward to much variation in the designs and texture of the boots according to the trend that is designed keeping the original cowboy style of slender pointed toe.

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 What you should look for in a pair of cowboy boots?

If you have finally decided to add a pair of cowboy boots to your collection of footwear then there are some important things that you need to keep in mind. The boot need to fit you as perfectly as the other shoes do. Now this is always a better idea to take the measurement of your foot when in the evening or the afternoon as this is the time when your feet expand to the most. The other area of concern is the width and depth of the boot as they generally have a pointed tip and high heel. Big brands like Lucchese, Tony Lama, Ariat, Justin and Frye are making some of the best cowboy boots that will make all you shoe freaks happy.

The increasing popularity of cowboy boots has become significant fashion items. Boot makers have added more colors to satisfy different customer preferences. They also came up with variety of designs. Although designs from Hollywood movies are copied, fresher designs with classic touch are coming out.

If you are planning to get one, choose the pair that has soft genuine leather. You also have to consider the kind of shank you want. You can have a steel shank for more support or without shank for you to have more flexibility. And just like buying any pair of shoes, try them on, walk in them and make sure they are comfortable to wear.

The Tony Lama boots are probably the best crafted footwear there is. There are about one hundred steps in creating one. Each step is completed with utmost care, to attain perfection. This footwear is built for a wide variety of sizes to provide each customer the perfect fit. This has given unmatched comfort to those who have worn a Tony Lama boot.

"City Cowgirl boots - Beautiful leather, beautifully made. I purchased after reading reviews about the quality of the Cowgirl boots and I am not disappointed. I like the height for slacks, ripped jeans, and mid-calf, full skirts. The heel is a perfect height for walking/dancing and the padding ads to the overall comfort. The style is classic and these are shoes that will last a long time. I usually wear a 7.5M in footwear because I prefer to wear mid-weight socks. I purchased these in an 8B because cowgirl style boots tend to feel tight to my long-distance-runner forefoot and this was exactly the size I needed."

If you are looking for western boots made out of impressive materials, then Justin boots are for you. Its reputation for craftsmanship is unsurpassed. And it is known for having the finest fitting. Its Italian leather made it a must have footwear for men.

The Frye boots are exceptional in terms of versatility. You can wear it with any outfit you choose depending on your mood.

There are a lot of different cowboy footwear available in the market. But before you buy any, consider some few things firs. Certain things like your toes. Check if their shape and size matches the style of the boot. This is an important factor in choosing the right type of western boots suitable for your feet. It is uncomfortable for someone with wide toes to wear the pointed front boot. In the same way, a person with narrow toes will have difficulty in maintaining balance if they wore cowgirl boots with wide fronts.

Always remember that the most important thing to consider in purchasing any kind of shoes is to be able to walk in comfort. These cowboy footwear are great addition to any guy’s wardrobe. It easily matches any outfit and gives a more sophisticated masculine look.

"Oh, yeah!!! I have received the boots today and I cannot get enough of them. The heel and buckle on the side are so cool and the narrow front is really beautiful! Stunning with denim leggings! However, I don't think I can walk a lot in these shoes. I have worn them for about 5 hours today and I was really looking forward to getting home and taking them off. There doesn't seem to be enough padding and the narrow front rubs on the toes a bit. I'm a sneakers' girl with very sensitive feet. Or maybe the boot need a bit of breaking in. Overall, I would recommend the booties wholeheartedly. And last but not least, this online shoe store rules!! It was a real pleasure to do business with them. Fast and smooth!"

"Great Boot. These are one of the first Cowgirl boots I picked up for riding my motorcycle that are actually very comfortable. I've worn these for the past six months and cannot say enough about how comfortable they are. The sole really works nice on the wet roads when you need to put your foot down. There is no sliding! 'Have been told that they last a long time! When this pair is worn out, I know I will invest in another pair. I've also been asked by people where I picked my booties up from. They're stylish."







Cowboy Boots

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